Jackpot: what the term means

Jackpot stands for a maximum prize: history and curiosities of a term that, from athletics to the cinema, has always had multiple meanings. Filmography has dedicated as many as four films to the Jackpot, TV has dedicated as many programs, and music has dedicated two album titles to this term.

But what is the meaning of Jackpot? Does it exist only for the game of Lotto, or can we find it in other casino games both online and live as the Slots? A journey through the word Jackpot, from cinema to music, until you get to TV and comic book characters.

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Jackpot, what is it?

The term Jackpot generally indicates the amount of money at stake for a particular game. In slot machines, it indicates the winning combination that entitles the player to a final prize. The name, however, is also used in a broader sense to indicate a full and undisputed success. In poker, as in other card games, the Jackpot is always the amount that accumulates during the game and is then won in the final.

The etymology of the word Jackpot

The word Jackpot derives from the combination of two English terms Pot, meaning pot, and Jack, meaning jack. The terms were combined to indicate the container, the pot, where the money was collected for the final prize and the jacks, the only combination that originally gave the right to win. From the happy combination, Jack-pot!

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The Jackpot in Slot Machines

The great attraction of many live and online casinos is definitely the slot machines. Among these, Slots with progressive jackpots are particularly attractive. The so-called slot machines with jackpots allow you to win a final jackpot, sometimes substantial.

How progressive jackpot slot machines work With progressive jackpot slot machines, the prizes increase as the name says in a progressive manner because, at each bet, a part of the amount is set aside and added to the final Jackpot that in this way continues to grow over time. The final Jackpot will then be won by a single lucky person who will total the maximum combination at a certain time with a maximum bet.